My Activities

I  like to write. I like to help others write. I taught for thirty years in a public school system, and while my favorite subject was History, my favorite lessons were in writing. I enjoyed explaining grammar, and spelling, and sentence structure to students who were looking for ways to improve their own skills.

I also like to sew. For the early years, I made all of my young daughter’s clothing. While she was not interested in home-made outfits in high school, she surprised me at the end of college by asking me to make her wedding gown. I did, and it came out lovely … but not as lovely as she herself.

Today I like to make quilts: doll quilts, baby quilts, lap quilts, twin-size quilts. I enjoy using cotton, and fleece, and flannel tartans. Beautiful fabric will always lift my spirits.

I love being at home with my husband. We each have activities that we enjoy, and we both make things that make other people happy which, in turn, brings more happiness to our lives.

It is not all sunshine and roses, though. We have lost our parents in their elder years to catastrophic illnesses: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancers, Blindness, COPD, and Diabetes. I have lost three siblings: one in a fire, one of Cancer, and one of Kidney Failure.  I still have one brother and four sisters, and Rick is an only, so our family is shrinking. We have added two children, and now also have two grandchildren. But the days of large family gatherings are limited.

My blog focuses on my health, and there is a page dedicated to my diagnoses, so I will not add that here.  Look for the page link at the top of the blog.

I would like to say I’m a gardener, but in truth, I don’t have the discipline to succeed with that activity. I have faithful pots of geraniums that are very tolerant and very forgiving when neglected for weeks at a time; they are so hardy that they bloom year round, outside in good weather and inside the greenhouse for winter. My friend comes and waters them for me, as I often forget to do that.

I enjoy adding wood to the fire in the stove at the back of the house, and in fall I use the fireplace in the living room as well. There is nothing as comforting as a warm fire in cold, damp weather. I think it is a reflection of my ancestry, in Scotland and Ireland.


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