On a Beautiful Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings used to be such a comfort … Rick and I both home, free to choose how to spend our day together. I would most often wake to the aroma of coffee, as he would have been up before me and would have started the coffee maker … he never drank coffee, nor tea, but would in his kindness turn it on for me.  I wake now to the voices on NPR (national public radio) courtesy of WBUR (Boston University Radio at 90.9 FM.)  I’ll get up, thereby waking Pretty Kitty who sleeps beside me, her fluffy kitty bed in the place where Rick’s pillow would have been, were he still with me. I am still free to choose how to spend my day, but the sense of adventure passed along with him when he died.

Instead, I rise, make my K-cup coffee, my microwave instant oatmeal, topped with applesauce, and take my eight pills to start the day.  The thing that makes this morning special is the Marsh Chapel service at Boston University, in which Reverend Dr. Robert Hill gives a sermon that comforts me.  From eleven to noon, I listen to the organ music, the choir, and his voice extolling the promise of our youth … reminding them, and all of us  listening, of the importance of living a life of honesty, generosity, compassion, kindness and truth. He commiserates with my sense of loss … not only the loss of Rick’s love and comfort, but the loss of the country I once knew, the land of the free, because of the brave.

They say the impeachment inquiry of the occupant of the White House may take only weeks, and not the months and years that the Mueller investigation took … and that is an optimistic belief as I don’t think many of us could tolerate another full year or more of examining his every flaw … and yes, I do call them flaws … character flaws … privileged behaviors that offend, demean and hurt so many others, so many unable to fight back.  I did try to ‘give him a chance’ to grow into his role as president, but he proved only disappointing, as with lengthening months and years of privilege, he has proven only to be selfish, thoughtless, inept, immature and a bully. When, on occasion, he delivers a formal speech, conceived by others, written by others, and no doubt forced upon him by others, he does so in a reluctant monotone, as though in a drugged state, fettered by those who otherwise have to step in to clean up the mess he makes when he speaks candidly.

Dr. Hill has a poetic style of speaking … ministering with the ease of practice, and a knowledge of linguistics … using syllabication, repetition, rhymes and reasons, to help us interpret the readings of the parables, of the gospels, of the psalms. His voice is an easy voice, full in his knowledge and most often steady in his confidence.  Sometimes, on rare occasions, a hint of his personal, compassionate empathy is heard, or at least heard by my ears.

I’ve taken to sitting with a journal page and pen on my lap when I listen to him, as I wish to jot down what thoughts he inspires … I used to call it my “think in ink” writing … it is not the same as typing here, as here I focus on writing to be read, where in my journal I focus on writing to understand, writing to plan, writing to dream, and writing to write.

He has been the minister for a number of years, and there are pages and pages of his sermons preserved as text and podcast on his blog, and I continue to read and listen there. But the ritual of listening to NPR through my sleepless nights is rewarded once a week by my hearing his new, always timely, always current, sermon. I learn to trust faith when I hear how he interprets spirituality … I learn to trust his leadership in the journey forward. I invite you to hear him, also, and perhaps share his strength with those you love.

Here are the links for the online live broadcast (Sunday mornings 11 am EST) and the blog with archived sermons:

https://www.wbur.org/    Click ‘Listen Live” at the bottom left of the page, or tune in to 90.9 FM on your radio

http://blogs.bu.edu/sermons/ Dr. Hill’s blog archive of sermons

Wishing you all a peaceful, gentle change of season! ~ Terry

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