In the Middle of July

The weather last week was cool and drizzly, and that was a relief … but this week is pay-back time. The temps are in the nineties, and the humidity is in the high fifties/low sixties.  It’s uncomfortable enough that there are very few quilters out and about Row by Rowing for the free quilt patterns. I have AC in the barn, but I don’t mind the slow down. One or two customers per day is just about right for my energy levels in this weather.

I saw the dermatologist again this week; he did find a suspicious spot on my back, did a shave biopsy, but hasn’t called to report any findings (which means no findings, which is good news.) I won’t see him again now for six months – the first time in three years that I’ll have six months free of skin checks!

As for the silent heart attack – it’s been nearly a month since that failed echo ultrasound test, but it was not until today that I succeeded in getting the cardio office to schedule the two-day retake, and that isn’t scheduled for another month … I will interpret that as they’re not being at all alarmed by the evidence of attack damage to my heart that showed up …

I saw the internist who monitors my thyroid and osteoporosis. I filled him in on the recent appoointments, and he and I agreed that trying to schedule all that I’m trying to schedule can rationally push the Reclast treatment off  until the fall.  I feel the same way about the requested colonoscopy and gall bladder consult.

I will see the neurologist in August … the same week as the second heart echo test. I’ll talk with her about the suggestion that the rib pain I’ve experienced for the past three years may now have been explained by the recent full body b

one scan, which showed a healed fracture in my right lower rib, or may be attributable to the silent heart attack’s evident damage as found in the ultrasound, or perhaps in the gall bladder’s stones. At any rate, it no longer seems to be something to just shrug off as the untreatable MS-Hug symptom.



Blackberry, a year and a half and the smallest of the three. She enjoys playing with her Cuddle-fabric blankie and seems to appreciate having her own space now instead of sharing a home with Blizzard, who once was smaller than Blackberry but is now much larger.

And while the beat goes on, and on and on, Rick and I are enjoying the care of our grand-bunnies while Rob continues to gradually move into his new home a few miles away. We bought a third cage so they can all have their own space, and we moved them downstairs to the kitchen so we can interact with them more easily on a daily basis, and let them out to roam and explore in the


Blizzard, the youngest though the largest; she is a lop and not yet a year old. She loves looking out the kitchen window now, from her spot atop one of the sewing machine cabinets we moved there for each of the bunny cages.

kitchen. We’ve bought ‘potties’ for each of them, and are encou

raging their use … it’s rather hit or miss for two of them, but the youngest seems to have understood the plan. We have a grass ball that Blizzard and Pumpkin enjoy chasing when I spin it or toss it across the floor. When the weather is good, we take them outside and share the sunshine and shade with them.  Life is good.


Pumpkin, going on two years old

Pumpkin, going on two years old, is the most comfortable with my petting her. It’s hard to say she is my favorite, but she is the most easy to cuddle without scratches.


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  1. Darcie Nuttall

    Please be healthy. 💗 You are one of my favorite people.

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