Saving a Facebook post I’d shared for MS Awareness Month


Just turned 65 … loving my new career in the quilt shop as much as I loved my classrooms. Quilters are wonderful company!

Who am I? How did I get MS? No one knows. Geography, lifestyle, genetics … infections, pollution … no one knows and so there is no ‘cure’ … just questionable meds. I’m posting this brief description of MS for March’s MS Awareness Month: Here’s the ‘maybe why’ of MS:

Hyperhidrosis from age 2 through age 55; high fever with pleurisy at age 23; recurring shingles from age 20 through 63; right eye cataract at an early age of 30; optic neuritis recognized at age 40; diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and anxiety at age 57; lost fifty pounds through diet change and exercise at age 58; took daily injections for four and a half years from age 57 through 61 which increased depression and anxiety while moderating my immune system that had for so long protected me in public school classrooms; medically-required retirement from a thirty year career of teaching at age 61 due to short term memory loss and depression-related cognitive issues; malignant melanoma, squamous and basal cell cancers at age 62 with half a dozen MOH surgeries and more than a hundred sutures; scoliosis and osteoporosis at 62.

The MS DMD injections as a ‘treatment’ is a real misnomer. The MS daily injections had to be rotated among seven body parts, with maps kept and the next week’s injection of that part had to be at least two inches away from the previous week’s. It was a regimen designed to tax my disorganized brain. ‘Call the nurse’ at the pharmaceutical company if you have any questions” was the level of medical support available. “Convenient home delivery” (though no one was home) provided ups delivery in a cooler, packed with temperature control ice packs, even during our blizzards in winter. “Don’t use it if it’s frozen” meant unpacking and inspecting every syringe that arrived in its cardboard box and deciding myself if it had frozen and thawed overnight in the shipping from Florida … “immediate post injection reactions may occur – if so, remain in a seated position” … that almost threw me off the cliff, because my reaction had been to pass out, and having asked my husband to ‘sit me up’ if a reaction occurred, he did, and I seized. Unbelievably callous ‘treatment’ by the pharmaceuticals. Thank God for my paramedic son and our local rescue squad.

Now classified as ‘benign’ relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, without any further DMDs (disease modifying drugs) for MS. Author of eight self-published books between ages 62 and 64.

Opened my own quilt and fabric shop at age 63.

Happier without MS injections that gave such little promise and did such great harm. Advocate for healthier menu choices and lower stress lifestyle. Those who know me know I’m not a quitter. I worked hard for my education and loved my career. I love my husband and treasure every moment with him. I thank God that Rick has always been my significant other, and remains so today. Bless his patience and love.

Enjoy the video and song  at this link:

I don’t talk much about MS, but I live it, everyday. I’ve written two books about it; you’ll find them for kindle at my Amazon Author page. March is MS awareness month.

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