Spring Appproaches Hesitantly

It snowed all day again today, though nothing more than a dusting accumulated. This winter is stubbornly hanging on … the snow piles are shrinking faster now, and the fall debris and winter damage will soon be exposed and looking for attention. The ice dams over the front door brought down the 24 foot gutter, saving us the expense of having to do that this spring, if spring ever comes. Some touch up painting will be needed to hide the scars left behind.stock-photo-romantic-and-nostalgic-photograph-of-a-girl-silhouette-staring-at-the-winter-sky-47175091

Rick and I have both had the ‘whatever it is’ that has been going around this past month – some say flu, some say cough … both of us say ‘enough.’ We both saw the doctor earlier this week and were advised that it may take another two weeks for this to clear out. He gave us each a prescription of amoxicillin and a cough supressant with pain relief; I stopped the ‘cillin after a few days because it was not settling well.

This morning, in the beautifully-falling redundant snow, we drove to the local hospital where I had an ultrasound, trying again to determine whether my lungs were clear, or whether the pain in my chest was due to pneumonia. The technician, of course, couldn’t tell me anything, but said that the radiologist would read the films today and get in touch with my doctor on Monday.

Next week I’ll see the psychologist again, and the psychiatrist who oversees my meds. And then within another week, we’ll be back to the dermatologist for what must be round 25 or so of skin checks, freezing and/or more biopsies.

We closed the shops this past week, and it occurred to me that this is the first week since my retirement four years ago that we haven’t been open for at least a few days. In a fleeting moment, disregarding the pain both of us have with this dry, deep cough, I wished we could go somewhere warm for a rest. I enjoy the warmer weather in the quilt shop, but haven’t been out there for more than a few minutes each time a customer stops by … my fingers are so very cold when cutting fabric in the shop with the heater only turned on sporadically … I’m thinking that next winter we may well close the shop from January through March and take some time to go somewhere for a bit.

I remain very tired, though not depressed. Just fatigue, which is a given with MS. More snow ahead for this week, and then perhaps some moderate winter into spring temperatures next weekend. Or more snow … time will tell.


  1. Terry!!! You back … Makes me happy!!

  2. Keep hanging in there, Terry You’re doing so well!

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