Too Much Snow, All of a Sudden

ice jams and high drifts on the ground and the roof.

ice jams and high drifts on the ground and the roof.

We had almost no snow through December and most of January. And then, at the very end of January, the blizzard started.  The meteorologist reported  the snows as four separate storms, but the governor of our state said he considers the damage and expense as one three week event, and will seek federal emergency funds on that basis. In short (and how we all wish it had been short) we had more than seven feet of snow in twenty-one days. To add to the experience, we’ve had only one day above twenty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, which means that all the snow is still with us … in tall piles on the sides of roads and driveways, on roof tops accompanied with ice jams and thick, heavy icicles.

Needless to day, we haven’t spent any time enjoying the outdoors. I have not been outdoors for more than a few minutes dashing from the house to the car to the destination and then back again. Thankfully, I’ve had no doctor visits this month. A few community evening meetings were cancelled due to weather. A few quilting lessons were cancelled as well. There have been nearly no customers in our shops, despite Rick’s daily hours of snow-blowing and salt-spreading. The potholes in the roads are challenging our five year old tires, and we had to replace the two front tires to get our inspection sticker, and will buy two more this summer.

I have been averaging 10 to 12 hours of “sleep” during this cold spell, and have been far less productive that I normally would be when housebound. My sleep is not a deep sleep; consequently, I am still very fatigued when I get up late in the morning. I have spent far too many hours on the couch for the past month. It has lessened the incidents of pain, because I am not using my arms (sewing at the table and sewing machine causes as much pain as does carrying anything “more than a pound of butter,” ) and just ten minutes of machine sewing is most often followed by at least twenty minutes of sitting on the couch with my arms in my lap, or here on the keyboard of the laptop computer. And sometimes those twenty necessary minutes turn in to an hour or two, as I am distracted by emails and Facebook posts and forget that I was working on a quilt. Work that might normally take me a weekend is now taking me several weeks to finish. I’m not happy with that. And my goal with the quilt shop is to be happy with it.

Things have to improve soon. They say this has been an historic, record-breaking snow event. Enough is enough. The thrill of a snow day home from school has disappeared, as every day is a day home. tax

I am looking forward to spring, and praying we don’t leap into a hot, oppressive summer instead. What we are facing now is the reconciliation of finances, and filing our tax return.  Asking my angels to help those synapses to fire often enough to get it all done.

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