Summer is gone, thankfully. Fall is here, and the beat goes on.

I did have an 1969321_794692657240346_4555314282901753713_nappointment with my dermatologist last month – and again this past week … At my September three month checkup/skin scan, he decided to re-biopsy my left forearm melanoma scar, which has been producing new brown spots very similar to the original innocent-looking tea-stains that turned out to be malignant melanoma. This is the third time the site has been biopsied … twice since the surgery and many sutures two years ago. And again, pre-cancer a-typical cells were found, and removed by biopsy. He scraped deeper this time, because the last biopsy suggested some recurrence. He succeeded in reach clear borders on this visit, which is good.

But the deeper scraping resulted in continual bleeding. At the end of the second week after biopsy, I called his office to tell them that it was still bleeding each time I changed the dressing. He was on vacation, but his partner reasssured me that it might take a bit longer than usual for a deeper biopsy to heal, and to continue changing it daily for another week and then call or come in.

I went in this past week, as it was still bleeding and approaching four weeks. My doctor was back, and treated it with a brown liquid that I assume was iodine as he warned me that it might sting … it didn’t while he was dabbing it on, but after he covered it with a tefla pad WOW did it sting — but just for a moment. He said I have the strangest delayed reaction to things, and we laughed.

He also prescribed a compounded medication. I had been using Aquaphor as usual, but this, he said, would be more the consistency of a toothpaste, and would contain the same medication that the treatment for stomach ulcers contains. It, like the aquaphor, is applied at night and covered with a dressing.

He did tell me that some insurance policies balk at using a compounding pharmacy; I told him that CVS was the pharmacy recommended by our insurance (formerly GIC but now again BC/BS.)  We went to the pharmacy he suggested in Newton, and paid a $50 copay for the ointment. They said it would come in the mail to our home.


arm biopsy site oct 2014

The medication arrived via the mail two days later, and I’ve been using it now for three nights, and it has dramatically SLOWED the bleeding, and the skin around the wound looks much better, but the site is not yet what I’d called fully healed … the dressing continues to have fresh blood stains on it each night when I change it. However,  the open area has narrowed to about 1/4″ in width, where last week it was the size of a nickel.

And so the beat goes on. The cooler weather is much better for the MS symptoms … summer was humid and hot and I was not at my best on many days because of it. But my thinking is again clear and I am getting things done for the quilt shop.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy autumn. Be well.

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  1. creekergirl61

    Hi Terry~ I am so happy to hear that the new ointment is working well…take care my friend…

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