Spring has arrived, accompanied by deer ticks and other assorted perils.

searchWell, I don’t know what happened, but I lost the entire post I’d just typed. Poof. Gone.

Maybe it was too long, too wordy. Maybe it was too iffy.

I’ll recap here, in short version. (I ought to have heeded my son’s advice: always type in word first, in case it disappears.)

I’ll be right back … going to word now.

So, I thought I found a new melanoma mole.

It was, though, a tick, firmly attached to my leg. It was a Friday night, of course.

I thought I was going to have to call the dermatologist, though I had an appointment coming up with him.

But as it was a tick, and easily removed by my son, I didn’t call him.

However, two weeks later, I felt lousy. Tired, sick, general malaise, and two pains: one in my lower right rib, which is a recurring pain, one that I treat with rest in a recliner. The other pain was a new one: in my left armpit. That was scary. It was, again, a Friday night.

I saw my primary doctor Monday afternoon, gave blood Tuesday morning, and waited to hear the results. He had checked the pain in my armpit but said he didn’t feel anything. He tested for Lyme disease. Those results would take another week to come back.

In the meantime, I did get the results back on some of the blood work. My liver enzymes were unexpectedly high (not dramatically high – not in the thousands, like liver disease, but in the hundred range. Unusual for me … they are usually about 22, where they ought to be.

The doctor asked me to discontinue the statin I had been taking for seven years without incident, and he would check the liver enzymes again in a month. He couldn’t prescribe an antibiotic for Lyme until he knew for sure it was Lyme.

This morning, I went for my dermatology appointment. I had a spot on my face which the doctor treated with cryosurgery (ouch!) and a spot on my leg from which he took a punch biopsy (little ouch.) He told me to put some ice on my face to lessen the swelling.

When we got home from his office, we found a message from my primary doctor, saying that the Lyme test had come back negative – which, of course, means good … wish they could straighten those terms out.

The dermatologist will call me if the biopsy turns out to be positive – which, of course, means not good. No message from him will be a good message.

Meanwhile, I did see the ophthalmologist this past week, too, and all is well there. No change in my visual acuity, though he did say the optic nerve in my right eye looks like it has taken a beating. That would be the optic neuritis, which was my early MS warning diagnosis.

In a few weeks, I’ll see the internist who monitors my thyroid (which my primary doctor says is a bit swollen.) He’ll ask for his own round of blood tests, and a new bone density scan to evaluate the Reclast infusions I’ve had for the past few years – to see if it is working to slow the osteoporosis.

Never a dull moment, season to season.

Be well, all.

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  1. oh my goodness Terry~ way too many things for you to be dealing with!!! So sorry…but was happy to hear the good news~ no lyme disease!!! All my best thoughts and prayers are always with you my dear friend.

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