I think it was a pink one…

Well, I’ve been pretty pleased with myself recently – no surgeries for a while now on the melanoma sites. No falls on the ice this winter, either, though there has been plenty of ice to fall on. The pain in my side continues but hasn’t been any worse than a typical pain in my side would be. The new “Quilters’ Quarters” shop is beginning to attract visitors and I’ve had some customers as well.

But … and there seems always to be a “but” when I begin with a positive statement.  As a teacher, I was careful to begin every conference with a positive, then mention any concerns, and then close with a positive. It was called a sensitive sandwich. I promise to do that here as well.

The but in this instance is my short term memory recall. I do know how important it is to write things down. I write everything down. I have sticky notes all over my computer desktop – some are color coded and some are not – and some take a long time to find. But I know they are there and I don’t worry about my memory having to contain and release them on demand.

I have a calendar on my computer as well, and Rick keeps all of my medical appointments, business appointments, and special dates on his calendar as well. I bought a new calendar notebook to keep in my bag in addition to my faithful Harvard/MIT/Coop calendar book. (I love that book, because it is so small and can only hold so many obligations … so different than my daily schedule book for my school years!)

What happens, though, is that I need to record all of those dates and appointments in three places now. And then, I have to REMEMBER to read them! And therein lies the but of this post.

I missed my counseling appointment today.  I knew when I woke this morning that I had an appointment this afternoon. Rick knew it, and had reminded me of it last night. I remembered to take my pills this morning.  I remembered to send an email out to my niece today to check the wedding colors for her daughter’s bridal shower gift. I had a customer in the shop and cut her fabric, tallied her price, gave her the receipt … I was functioning well. BUT lunchtime came, I ate, answered some more emails, and at ten past the hour of my appointment, answered the phone to hear my doctor’s voice. My heart sank. I had forgotten the appointment.

She graciously rescheduled it for next week, same time, same day  I will do my very best to record it in three places, and I know Rick will enter it into his calendar as well, And maybe I’ll learn how to set an alarm to go off on my computer or cell phone an hour before the appointment: something to catch my attention and make me look at my calendar(s) reminders.

The good news that I promised to share in closing this post is that I can still type fairly quickly and accurately (for the most part.) And I can qualify this lapse in memory by admitting to having scheduled too busy a week. The first week of every month includes a general meeting of the fire company, a general meeting of the Friends of the Library, a morning meeting of the needlework guild, and I made it to all three of those.  We also had to attend (well, chose to attend) a public hearing on our health insurance coverage through the state’s retired teachers policy: GIC or the Town of Andover’s employee coverage. Rick and I and those we talked with on the way out all had voted to stay with the state, as if something isn’t broken why fix it … yet, the overall assumption is that it seems the town might intend to go forward with withdrawing their acceptance of the state’s group in the interest of saving money on their part.

And so the good news is that I don’t think my recall of details is getting any worse … I think I simply misjudged my ability to get to everything in this busy first week of the month. So we’ve chosen to skip the public hearing tonight here in town … one that will discuss environmental concerns for abuttors to the high school academic field’s proposed artificial turf (which is within a protect wetlands area.)  There are stronger,  more vocal advocates for the environment that will be present to watch out for the spotted salamanders that live in our back yard alongside the brook that borders our land, and the school’s. Pray God that they have not had the busy week that we have, and that they will be there to represent the little critters.


  1. Terry, I just finished reading your article twice. In one sense, I admire all the activities you are involved with; however, I think for your own peace of mind and health, you need to select your top priorities and what is most important for you to take part in. This of course, is really none of my business, per se, but please maybe get an overview of your month ahead at the beginning of each new month, and pick & choose what MUST be done. You are truly over extending yourself, and it is going to catch up with you sooner or later. I have come to really care about you, and hope you take this suggestion in the spirit in which it is offered. You are an amazing lady….and I am so happy you have had a respite from cancer surgery. all the best!!!

    • Hi Sandra,
      I’ve just re-read your comment, and meant to reply when I read it last week, but was interrupted and promptly forgot what I was about to write. I am learning to pace myself – my enthusiasm in being able to volunteer in such diverse groups has led me to make a commitment to at least the fire department and the library; what I need to slow down on is the novel writing. The quilt shop is a very uplifting activity, as people are dropping in to see the new items and we have had many lovely conversations as a result. So the book-writing will not happen as often as I’d planned, but it is my own choice and has no real deadline, as I self-publish. I do appreciate your coming here to read and your sensible, caring responses. I’m here to write the next post, and I invite you to check back for it.
      love, Terry

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