Darkness Comes Early

The clocks all went back an hour this morning. I’m very happy that they don’t do that before Halloween, although our town delayed Trick or Treating for thirty minutes to accommodate the many working parents who needed those extra minutes to get  home before the trick or treaters went out.  We had a little drizzle of rain, but that did not dissuade the parents who had toddlers’ costumes ready. I think we saw about sixty children with assorted parents in tow.

100_4300The dermatologist’s secretary called me on Halloween morning to let me know that the repeated biopsies of my arm showed no ‘atypical nevi’ at the edges, and pronounced the earlier reading scar tissue. I’m clear, now, until the New Year. Two full months of no digging or prodding or waiting for call backs.

Old curtains put to a new use in the Quilt Shop

Old curtains put to a new use in the Quilt Shop

I found some old cafe-type curtains when we moved into this house almost twenty years ago, and tucked them away “just in case.”  This week, I found a use for them. We used them to drape the space underneath the cutting table, hiding the storage area from view. The curtains are reversible: a solid red cotton on one side, and a forty-fifty-style small print  of red and brown medallions on the other.  That print reminds me of the kitchen wallpaper in our home in Boston during the fifties. The fabric, perhaps because of its age and frequent washing, is incredibly soft,; as I hung them out on the line to dry they brought a wonderful fresh-air feeling into the Quilt Shop with them. I had to hem two of them to match the others, but that was fairly easy. I still have three longer ones left, and am thinking of possibilities for them.  I could have just tossed them out when we moved in, as I hung my own yellow gingham curtains in the kitchen, but instead I added them to my fabric stash. And that’s where they were when I realized a new use for them.

quilter quarters coverMy new book has gone through a week and a half of proofreading, changing, re-proofing and additional text being added. I’ve now reached a point where I’m re-thinking the idea of publishing it as the two-part, mystery story and annotated album of quilts that it is presently. To print it in it’s current state will cost more than I think most customers will want to pay; it’s a paperback, after all.  I might separate the two parts and publish two distinct, slimmer volumes with more reasonable prices.  I know I wouldn’t want to pay almost $30.00 for the combined volume, but might be willing to pay $15.00 each. Or not.

We’re off to the quilt supply this coming week to purchase more  notions and fabrics.  Then our Abby (vehicle) goes in for her 50,000 mile tune-up to be ready for our long ride to Bethesda later this month.  This will be my fourth week-long visit to NIH (National Institute of Health) for the Parkinson’s Bio-marker Study group. When I told my colleagues at school how well I was treated there in the hospital, one of them told me I really ought to take a cruise sometime to experience true luxury! So I call these visits my cruises.

November will be a busy month. Be well, all, and thanks for stopping by here to see how I’m doing.

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