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943546_10151493250346476_695240630_nToday brought sad news that 19 firefighters died last night in the Arizona wild fires … the largest number of firefighters LODD (loss on duty death) since the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11. Some say, these wildfires are also possibly terrorist attacks, and the fire service is paying the ultimate price for the American way of life. My prayers and thoughts of comfort are with the families of these firefighters, whose ages averaged 22 years.

We’re having a tornado warning here right now. Rain is pouring down, to the point where the police have been sent to stand by at the long hill on Andover Street (rte 133) as the water is rushing down the hill in large volume. The highway department is also responding to check catch basins, but best guess is that they are functioning, but the water is rushing right past them.

Rick and I just got into the house minutes before the downpour began. It was as dark as twilight here just a little while ago, but has begun to lighten just a bit. The television is showing constant weather maps right now, showing a funnel cloud forming over the town of Essex, which is south east of us.

We  had been in Boston this morning, visiting the dermatologist for my three month check-up. He took one look at my toes and said “Traumatized them?” He had an intern with him today, and turned to him and said “Bilateral trauma,” and turned to me and asked “What did you do to them?”

I told him of the walk in May, gave him the photos I’d taken two weeks ago, and asked him what I was to do about them. He said “Wait it out. The nails will grow out, but on toes it usually takes about a year.”

He then looked over my skin, head to toe, and mulled over whether to use a cream or more liquid nitrogen on my forehead. Then he looked at my chin and said he might want to freeze that … I reminded him that he had frozen that once before, and he decided then to biopsy it instead.

So I have two prescriptions: one for a cream that will work in three treatments, and one that will work as well but will take longer. The fast acting one may not be covered by my insurance, in which case it would cost me about a thousand dollars. If so, I can have the second one filled instead. And he will call me if the biopsy comes back positive for one of the three skin cancers. Hi secretary will call me if it is all well.

And I have a bandage on my chin and instructions for post-biopsy care again. The last two biopsies, on my nose and on my forehead three months ago, were negative for cancer. I’m assuming that this one will be so, too.

And now that I know the black toenails are not signs of melanoma, I can write the final chapter of my sequel tonight, and be on track for reviewing, revising, proofreading and editing this week, and perhaps next if needed, and then publishing it.

I’ll ‘launch’ the book on July 31st at the New England Author Expo at the Danversport Yacht Club (which sounds like the perfect spot for a book launch, doesn’t it?)

Tornado warning

Tornado warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I’ll be back to see the dermatologist in three months, again. We were going to try six months this time, but with the black toes and the new biopsy, he said we’re not ready yet to let it go that long.

The weather update is that the tornado warning has now been cancelled, but flash flood warnings and aerial flood warnings are still in place for a few more hours.

And now they have just received conflicting information … another computer model has issued a renewed tornado warning for

Middlesex and Essex counties due to a new cell formation. Still, the skies are still lightening here. They predict that the tornado may cause water spouts

over the ocean when it reaches there.

The saying goes, if you’re in New England and you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute… it will change.

Be well, everyone. Watch out for the weather, and especially for the sun, if it ever comes out again 🙂

I think I heard there is a ‘small dog warning.’  Has anyone seen Toto?

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