Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Things are Looking Up

Well, I have to clarify that. I still don’t dare look up unless I am holding on to something (or someone) steady. But for the most part, the vertigo is gone, the shingles on my forehead have dried, the new, improved, speedier brand of acyclovir is doing its job without any side effects. My eyelid …

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“The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes”

I know, those words are used in a Beatles song memorializing the heyday of LSD highs. Yes, I did go to college in the late sixties, and again in the late seventies. No, I did not do drugs during those decades. I did not inject anything until diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the first decade …

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Medical Updates

Hello all, I visited a few doctors recently, and wanted to give you an update as to how my overall health is progressing: May is Mental Health month. My mental health is currently stable … depression is being managed by a successful medication at a successful dose. Figuring out that dose took some time, but …

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Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

It is an anniversary, though not one you’d expect to hear about. It was the beginning of the endings, and also the beginning of the beginnings. It was a day of sadness, of changes, of required strength. Twenty-five years ago today, our son was six months old …  a day to celebrate him … but …

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Rain, and We Do Need It.

Last night brought bright lightning and long, ominous sounding rolls of thunder interspersed with loud booms suggesting someone nearby was feeling the losses of lightning strikes on electrical power lines. The rain followed, falling in heavy drops that had cars and trucks splashing quickly on the road beyond our windows. But it stopped as quickly …

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A Pleasant Few Days Among Friends and Quilts

I attended two quilt/needlework events this past week. One, the Merrimack Valley Quilt Guild’s annual Quilt Show was at a middle/high school in a nearby New Hampshire town. So many beautiful quilts were hung on portable racks that stood at least eight feet tall and still some reached the floor in length. Some of those …

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