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Having a “Fly on the Wall” Day at Home.

It’s in the low sixties today, and sunny. We have the greenhouse windows open, and the kitchen’s Dutch Door top, and the air is fresh and just a bit smoky. Less than two miles from here, in the woodlands behind the elementary school, the firefighters are battling a five acre brush fire, and calling for …

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Boston Strong

Just a few weeks ago, I’d used a pressure cooker image to open my blog. My favorite television character, Gibbs (from NCIS) doesn’t believe in coincidences. And if I am to agree with him, and generally I do, then I have to wonder what made that choice of image so timely? I was reaching back …

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A Familiar, Univited Guest: Pain

Pain. Pain is something that comes and goes with age. As young children living relatively healthy lifestyles, getting a lot of outdoor exercise, running races, riding bikes, climbing the jungle gym, jumping over hydrants … no, we didn’t have P.E. classes then, but we really didn’t need them. Our muscles were consistently in use, as …

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A Brisk Walk in Good Company

Yesterday’s bright sunshine belied the cold temperatures along the mouth of the Merrimack River in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The few wispy clouds moved quickly across the horizon as though seeking warmer air over the Atlantic ocean, following the West Wind eastward. And groups of people dressed in winter’s warmer clothing gathered at the waterfront park to …

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