Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring~

100_3662The crocus that bloomed over a week ago and were immediately buried the next day in 12  inches of snow have emerged unscathed from their ordeal. It’s a nice metaphor for what can happen in a New England Spring. Courageous young plants that have wintered over for the better part of the year send up shoots in what might be the last snow, only to be snookered by Mother Nature and buried deep for their bravery. But somehow they survive that cold blanketing of snow, and absorb its melting moisture through their greens and roots, and retain their colors and form to delight the eye for weeks following.

I pay attention to these signals from Mother Nature that what has been, will be again. Easter Sunday, with the story of the Resurrection, tells me that others before have witnessed the miracles of nature and have immortalized them in stories that teach not only religious beliefs but also the value in learning from Nature.

The ultrasounds I had last week came back negative for any growths or organs being out of place, which is reassuring. I am back on an antibiotic, a different type, in an effort to help things get back to normal.  I’ve had many, many weeks of antibiotics this past year, related to preventative caution following each melanoma, basal, and squamous surgery. My system has either become immune to those meds, or dependent on those meds … either way, my doctor is trying a different one now. And like the crocus, I may emerge with rejuvenated color and form.

My quilter side has been busy this week, but not with a quilt: I’ve made an open sign for the shop. Rick and I have been looking for one for a few months now, and whatever we find is either too large and expensive (but made in the USA) or less expensive and a better size (but made in China.) We finally went to the fabric store (I know, I know, I have a full closet of fabric and promised myself not to buy any more until I use at least half of what I have) and bought some ‘rip-stop’ nylon flag material. Royal blue for the background, and white for the letters (Georgetown’s school colors,) we bought half a yard of each. It sat in its bag for a few weeks, until yesterday I decided it was time to get that made and out front. It took only the day to make it, and the letters were easy. I used a table centerpiece candle to trace the interior curves of the o and the p on a pizza box cover, and my quilter’s rulers for the straight lines of the rest. Rick is off to the hardware store to buy some PVC piping for the pole and a horizontal extension to hold the flat out straight for visibility. And we’ll use the table umbrella’s heavy metal base to hold it up on the side of the road. I’ll post a picture at the end of this entry to show it off after he returns with the piping. But ideally, you’ll come by to see it, and our shop! I’ll go out there later today and change the table cloth from a winter wool plaid to a spring cotton print. Rick sold one carousel yesterday, and one sale always gives us a bit of an energy boost where the shop is concerned.

I had a flash of memory this morning of being in the classroom with two dozen children suffering from post-Easter-Candy sugar highs. As it is also April Fool’s Day tomorrow, my thoughts will be with those still there to experience the heightened sugar-fed silliness of the season.

Six days left before the five mile walk in Newburyport for MS fund raising. We’ve been out to walk a few days this week, with the weather in the high forties to low fifties, and the snow piles receding from the sidewalks. But we’re nowhere ready for five miles. We’ll just walk it as we can, taking rest breaks now and then. And as I’ve said before, we’ve nothing to prove and we know the short cuts!

Enjoy the beginning of Spring … it’s a welcome season here!


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  1. So nicely and well described. Feel better.

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