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Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring~

The crocus that bloomed over a week ago and were immediately buried the next day in 12  inches of snow have emerged unscathed from their ordeal. It’s a nice metaphor for what can happen in a New England Spring. Courageous young plants that have wintered over for the better part of the year send up …

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A Watched Pot Never Boils…

Many years ago, I wrote of my parents’ decline. I was with them for their final years; I was watching them lose new memories, or words, or daily routines. It was like watching human development in reverse. They had been such strong adults, handling life’s challenges together, finding strength in their partnership and answers in …

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Last Day before Spring, with 12″ of Snow

I’m reminding myself that snow days used to be a blessing in my life ~ a gift from God, and a chance to catch up on correcting, grading, reporting, planning, collecting materials and the myriad list of chores that teachers do at home evenings and weekends ~ chores that always competed with family activities and …

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Finding the Day, Finding the Way

I’ve been pretty sure, for the past year or so, that this diagnosis of MS is an inaccurate shot in the dark. The “shot in the dark” was literal, for four and  1/4 years … over 1,500 evenings found me struggling, initially on my own but eventually with Rick’s help, to carefully identify an unused …

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Sleeping In is a Luxury of Retirement

I was thinking today while riding up the highway with Rick that I would still be working had MS not taken me out of my classroom early. This coming June would have been my planned retirement date. And I realized then how much I appreciate being retired now … sleeping in when fatigue wins the …

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