More than Cold

The temperatures this week have been in low single digits at night and high single digits during the day. Needless to say I haven’t been outside much, other to go to the driveway and get into Abby (our vehicle.) Rick and I have done very little out in the shop this week – and my quilt project has stalled on the dining room table. I’m ready to start the grassy bottom and the sky-blue top, having just finished cutting out dog images for the foreground. The house is reasonably warm, with both the furnace and the wood stove offering heat; I think the overall cold has just sapped our energy. We have been staying inside, watching the news and weather, reading, checking emails and Facebook, and dozing off now and then.

This is not the Energizer Bunny.

…not the Energizer Bunny …

We did get out to dinner one night, and ran into some friends of ours, who came and sat with us. We caught up on how our sons were doing, who was where, etc. They both told us that we looked very good; we returned the compliments. I feel good, and said thank you. But in truth, I do think some of this lack of energy is due to the twenty pounds I’ve regained this fall and winter. We both say that when the weather warms up a bit we’ll return to our outdoor walks, and Rick will be the one with the cane this year. His other knee is bothering him.

This morning, we went out to brunch with some retired teacher friends, and then stopped by the middle school to say hello to those who are still working. Rick had spent so much time helping me with school work and driving me back and forth during the last few years of my teaching that we consider him a retiree of the school, too. And then back home, and some computer work for the Friends of the Library, and the Alliance for Georgetown.

And the day was done.

So if you were to ask me how I’m doing this month, I could honestly say I am happy and content, though cold and sore. Sore? Yes, the cold weather tightens up muscles which then irritates nerves, which then cause soreness. The melanoma-mark-of-Zorro scar on my back has grown more tender – I don’t know if that’s due to the cold or just to be expected. The scars on my arm and legs don’t hurt at all.

I’ve been able to cut down on the number of visits to doctors this season, which is a bonus of time. We have many plans and projects that we want to take on this year … one by one … and I’m optimistic that when we begin moving around more, we’ll feel better, both of us.

Be well, all, and stay warm.


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