Back to the Basics

Tomorrow will find Rick and I driving to see the dermatologist – a week earlier than scheduled. I called and asked them to move the appointment up because I’ve been watching a new brown spot on my back since Christmas Eve. It is right beside, almost touching, the large Z scar of my earlier malignant melanoma surgery. There is a second, still pink but ominously similar spot at the base of that same scar. I appreciate that his office was able to fit me into Monday’s schedule. I already have an appointment with the skin surgeon on Tuesday, which had been scheduled three months ago as a follow up on the surgical scars. So, I’ll have two sets of eyes checking it out in two days, and a biopsy and follow-up surgery if indicated.

I’m working on a charity quilt this week, one I’d promised to my neurologist six months ago. It is for the Journey for Hope MS Walk that will raise funding for the MS Center at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boston. I’d chosen some beautiful, colorful fabric and matching fat quarters, and have been mulling over how to put it together. I saw an image on Facebook that seemed to offer the perfect design, including a boy and a dog. That’s significant because the doctor raises and trains service dogs for people with multiple sclerosis. She will use the quilt as a raffle item at the fundraiser in May. I’m trying to finish it this month so that she can enjoy it in her office for a few months. I’m wishing I had enough fabric to make a second … as I would love to keep it as well!

Because I’m working on a quilt, the pain in my ribs is again acting up. I wore my lower back brace all day yesterday, and it did help to keep the pain down. I think it helps me remember to sit and stand up straight, taking the pressure off that sensitive rib. They did find an old fracture in that rib, and so using those muscles by lifting my arms forward to sew at the machine causes me to feel pain in that area. That the pain goes away when I wear the brace or when I sit down with my feet up seems to go along with my thought that the rib cage muscles are rubbing against eroded bone. Having both osteoporosis of the spine and hips, and age-related scoliosis of the spine would also corroborate that belief.

Happily, the pending dermatology visit and possible outcome has not lowered my mood, so I’m confident in saying that the antidepressant medication has re-established my positive outlook. I feel good that I can make quilts, and that people want them. I am content with my daily activities now, and feel needed in my role of the company clerk for the Fire Company, and as a Friend of the Library. “Winter is here; can spring be far behind?” is a quote I remember hearing often while I was teaching and truly enjoying the winter landscapes and school closures for snow days … but now that I’m home, the snow is still beautiful, but the cold and ice are not high on my list of appreciating nature’s gifts. I will look forward to Spring, but am patiently staying in my home and working with beautiful fabrics.  Here’s a look at what I’m using this week:


A rainbow of color with soothing messages

fabric for back

fabric for the back of the Journey of Hope quilt

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