Christmas Celebrated


Working my way through rolling waves of homespun tartans.

Rick and I had a wonderful Christmas. We drove up to Maine Christmas Eve, and stayed overnight with our daughter and grandchildren. We enjoyed some present-unwrapping on Christmas Eve, and then more on Christmas morning. The kids are older now and no longer wake their Mom at the crack of dawn … instead, we woke them mid-morning! It was sweet to see on their Christmas tree the wooden ornaments that Rick and I made for them years ago. The dog was happy with his bag of bows (yes bows, not bones … Bear treasures bows and brings them over to his bed to keep them safe.) And the bird seemed  happy on his new wooden perch that Rick made to replace the one McGee had chewed through.

Before Christmas Eve arrived, I had started two tartan quilts for our friends who play the bagpipes. They are two brothers, both in high school now, and it is wonderful to see them enjoying and sharing the music of Scotland. One of them, the younger, had come to our house last spring when we had some of our cousins visiting (to plan a reunion) and played the pipes for us. I told him then that I’d one day make him a tartan quilt like those I made for his fund raiser, a walk for juvenile diabetes. “One day” became the weekend before Christmas. I finished the second quilt at 2:00 in the morning of Christmas Eve.

After about five hours of sleep, Rick woke me so that we could get ready for the trip to Maine. I packed an overnight bag for us, and went to re-fill my weekly pill boxes. I realized that I didn’t have more than two days of one of my prescriptions, and was sure that we’d been to the pharmacy to pick it up. Rick helped me search, and we looked high and low. My inner child, who was always sure one of my sisters or brothers had hidden my other shoe when I was getting dressed for school, was beginning to irrationally think that I’d either thrown them out in the trash, or a masked man with a sword had entered our house while we slept and stole the bottle of pills. I considered calling the local police and reporting this theft, explaining that no computers or gifts or money had been taken … just that bottle of pills. I kept that thought to myself and continued looking.

My back was aching from the night before’s sewing extravaganza, and so I took some extra Advil while searching. I knew I had over-extended my muscles and would need a day to sleep in after Christmas. I made a mental note not to plan anything for Wednesday.

I went through the trash, after checking the calendar and seeing that we’d gone to the pharmacy after trash pickup day … you really can relive a lot of forgotten moments in a week by going through the trash … coffee grinds, too-far-gone bananas that would have been made into bread if remembered a day or two earlier, candy wrappers, scraps of many colored tartan fabrics, bits of fleece, two paper plates, take-away boxes from the restaurant meal that we’d split in half and enjoyed the next day for lunch … every day events that go by without comment, and so normally forgotten. But the bottle of pills was not among those artifacts of our week.100_3305

It was then that I wondered if I’d really picked up the prescription. I knew I picked up one, but perhaps there were two, and I missed one? I called the pharmacy, and asked when I’d last renewed the one I was missing. The pharmacist told me that a renewal had been called in earlier last week by the doctor, but had not yet been filled; would I like him to fill it today? I said we would be there momentarily. He said that he’d need at least fifteen minutes to fill it. I didn’t bother to explain that I’d been there a few days ago, and hadn’t received it. Nor did I tell him what my search had been like. I just said thank you.

While Rick went for the pills, I returned to gathering up what we’d need to bring with us. We went first to deliver the quilts to our friends the pipers. And then we drove to Maine, and to the wonderful Christmas that we had together.

I took a nap in Maine after Christmas Eve dinner, and felt better able then to enjoy the night and day that followed. Naps are a blessing that I’ve learned to enjoy and depend on since retirement.

Christmas 2012 taken by Pat of Rick and meOn the way home, I took many pictures of the snow falling and the sunset and eventually the moonrise. We gave a York Peppermint Patty to each toll-collector, thanking them for working on Christmas day. Random acts of kindness make both the receiver and the giver feel quite well. Once home, we rested a bit and then headed to my younger sister’s house to see more family. She kindly took our Christmas picture.

Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas a day late to all of you, and a Happy (so I won’t miss it) New Year!

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  1. Beautiful quilts and a nice picture of you two. I find I appreciate naps, too.

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