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Thoughts on Thanksgiving Eve

We’ll be heading out tomorrow morning for a nice dinner with our daughter and her friend, who is cooking a turkey dinner for all of us. Our son will be on duty as a paramedic and won’t be with us,  but will be in our thoughts. So will our grandchildren, who will also be at …

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Hi, how are you?

Such a challenging question, one might say. Someone else would say no, it’s a sympathetic question, or an encouraging question. Such a simple, common, accepted greeting, another will say. Which is it for you, as you are asking, or as you are asked? Who is asking? Perhaps it is a friend you have run into …

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I want to get this post right. It’s important to be accurate when talking about people of any status, of every status. And so I went to my trusty dictionary for the correct definition of veteran; here is what I found: an old soldier of long service  a former member of the armed forces  a …

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Global Ramifications: We are Just Us

I am a wordsmith. I enjoy reading and discovering vocabulary that invites me to pause and search through my old 1967 Webster’s Dictionary for its true meaning, and for its source, and its derivatives. Sometimes I’m surprised at what I find. Decades ago, I came across a word in a book I was reading, probably …

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All Saints Day, and then All Souls’

I remembered, last night, why I don’t have memories of sugar highs in school on the day after Halloween during my childhood. I do remember the Halloween parties we had in our classrooms, with orange and black construction paper chains, and orange pages of paper that had words to Halloween songs on them: “Jack o’Lantern, …

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