Beautiful Weekend Weather

This weekend was called “Georgetown Days”, and we moved a lot of our shop to the outdoors, as did a lot of shops in the square.

Friday morning we went to the quilt museum in Lowell and had the two ‘orphan quilts’ assessed for age and condition. We were surprised to learn that one of them is circa 1890, and the other from the 1930 era. That gave more value to taking the time to repair the damage I’d caused when washing them this spring. Then Friday afternoon, we helped with the book sorting at the library.

Rick on the front lawn sanding his scroll work during Georgetown Days

We set up the awning on the front lawn Friday night, and Saturday morning we brought tables out to display our wares, and met many people passing by yesterday and today. Rick had many compliments on his woodworking, and I had a few people interested in quilts made, and quilts to be made. A few  of the passersby did stop into the shop, but only one was truly shopping.

I split my time between our sidewalk display and the library’s book sale. The weekend flew by, but I was able to at least begin an Autumn quilt, using remnants from other past quilts. The dining room looks like the fabric closet ‘exploded’ all over the floor and table, as I rummaged through bags and bags of remnants and unused fabric purchases.

The cool weather invited long sleeves, which protected my arms from the sun. Sitting and chatting with Rick as I “frogged” former quilt squares (frogging is the act of pulling stitches out of a piece, all the while thinking “rip it, rip it, rip it.”) and he sanding scroll-work plaques was the epitome of happiness for me. People came and went in twos and threes. And at the very end of Sunday afternoon, while we were closing up the awning, a couple drove up, went immediately to the rocking motorcycle, and praised Rick’s talent and patience in his work. It was as good as a sale.

I wore my back brace for a few hours each day, as it does help me with both pain and posture. Rick and I work well together, and had the awning up Saturday morning and down Sunday afternoon with little difficulty. It reminded us of the years of camping in our tent, and the memories were sweet.

We’re both pretty tired this evening, and feeling some pain and fatigue – but we enjoyed the days outdoors, together, sharing what we do with neighbors.

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