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City Hall, Boston

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Beautiful Weekend Weather

This weekend was called “Georgetown Days”, and we moved a lot of our shop to the outdoors, as did a lot of shops in the square. Friday morning we went to the quilt museum in Lowell and had the two ‘orphan quilts’ assessed for age and condition. We were surprised to learn that one of …

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Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

I read a lot of posts about depression, and multiple sclerosis, and now melanoma. In most online medical blogs, the commentary begins with a description of the condition. In posts about multiple sclerosis, the verbiage rarely wanders from the standard description: an incurable, unpredictable, debilitating, degenerative neurological condition involving the central nervous system that can …

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A Collection of Others’ Words about My Story

I wrote this book as a discovery draft, finding a focus gradually as I added chapter to chapter. I would describe it as part biography, part family/relationships, and part medical narrative. It evolved on a writers’ shared workshop site known as, where writers post their work and are critiqued by other writers, who in …

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Better Weather

It’s cooler, and drier this week. Temperatures have been staying in the high seventies to low eighties, and the dew point is low. That is a relief to those of us with heat intolerance. Heat intolerance is more than it sounds. It isn’t just that we don’t like the heat, and are just intolerant of …

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September 11, Eleven Years Later

This day is a day of remembrance, one that, like the day JFK was assassinated, we all remember exactly where we were, who we were with, and what we were doing at the moment we heard the news. On both days, I was in a classroom … one when I was a freshman in high …

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Update for today

September has begun, and school friends are busy with classrooms full of new students and all the emotions that come with them. But I’m not there. It’s not easy to be away from all that hustle and bustle, for within the chaos, there was order. There were rosters full of names to learn, and schedules …

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A Different August Angst

A Different August Angst I’ve moved this blog entry from my Blogger site to here … fall cleaning, sorting, and separating health posts from book reviews. So though the date is September, I had written this entry in August: This time of year for more than half of my life I would begin thinking about …

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